200-ft high buildings coming… are you ready?

Kenmore’s waterfront is at risk:  Lake Pointe is said to be in the final design stages.  You may know it as the ‘cement plant’ now.  However, Public input is incomplete along with mandatory environment testing.  Moreover, building development height is 35-ft but for reasons outlined below, why is the City planning development of 200-ft high buildings:  High density housing units (1,000+), putting the future operations of Kenmore Air at risk. 

Permitting with little or no public input:

The City generally acts as the permitting agency.  In our case, it seems more monies have become the source of development funds. 

·      The city is ignoring 35-foot height restrictions set by King County dating back before our incorporation.

·      Washington State-mandated bi-annual contaminant testing (13 wells), to be paid for by Pioneer Towing, has not been implemented. 

·      With demolition of the 520  bridge, the State’s material demolition plans went forward. Toxic materials from the bridge were taken apart at the Cal Portland site, instead of at a Tacoma site that is set up to safely do this type of demolition.

·      While there remains a remediation order on the property, it appears the City is choosing to go forward with new residential/mixed use high-rise development.

·      This development height conflicts with Kenmore Air’s requirement to follow FAA landing zone rules. 

·      The Waterfront Asphalt and Concrete silos spew contaminants.  The City’s emphasis has been to paint them as part of the city’s beautification efforts.

·      New intro here:  Maybe this should be a separate section that talks about lack of public input, lack of transparency, lack of good fiscal judgment.

·      The City’s sale of surplus properties closed at under $1-million, well under their potential values of more than twice that amount.

·      Numerous changes to our city roads have restricted access, increasing congestion (for example, the entrance to Safeway off 68th). These changes were accomplished with little or no input from business owners or the public.

Your VOTE counts now more than ever!  Much of these problems or more may have been avoided with aggressive City Council.  “Business as Usual” is top down.  Changes to those representing us on the City Council can only be made with your vote. 

Our tax payers, citizens and businesses deserve better!

I am Patrick O’Brien.  I promise to make your Vote count!