I grew up on Finn Hill and worked on Paul Kirk’s cattle farm with 120 head of cattle back in the 1970s. In those days we could look down the lake from the top of the hill, see Seattle and Bellevue and our beautiful Lake Washington. Swimming in Lake Washington was always my favorite pastime; our family had Chesapeake Bay Retrievers that love the water more than we did. We learned to love the water, swimming and the need for it to be clean.   Prior to the Metro pumping station at Juanita Beach, Lake Washington was frequently polluted.

I’ve always thought it was important for the people that live here to preserve our natural resources and watershed.

I graduated in the early 1980s from Western Washington University in Bellingham with a degree in alternative energy/biomass conversion. I wanted to understand and apply what I knew about chemistry and biology. Over the years, through my experiences, I’ve been involved in cutting edge technology. Working as a factory representative, I came across interesting inventions and innovation systems which I believe could be put to use right here in Kenmore. Part of the problem in introducing an idea that is good for the community is that it usually takes more than three minutes of public testimony to explain concepts to the Council members and Staff.  As your City Council member, I can provide the pertinent technology and documentation in front of Staff and the Kenmore City Council. We will become a cutting edge energy efficient, healthy City that will be a magnet for others.