As we see from the Kenmore Village and the tolling of I-405 Kenmore has experienced a massive increase in traffic. Juanita Drive (68th) is once again backed up to the top of the hill.

Development can rely on mass transit to a degree but adequate parking for people that live here is a must. As we see the Kenmore Village parking is in short supply.

Traffic modification plans need to be run by the neighborhoods well in advance of the planning stages.

Municipal code has been changed radically here in Kenmore. I would encourage a process where the old code and the new code are redlined and sent out to the public for comment.

Read the new code and the powers it bestows on the city manager. The city has shifted its responsibility they inherited when we incorporated and put it on the property owners. All this is at the sole discretion of the city manager now? You will also see in my posts the city has engaged in several lawsuits against property owners that should have been avoided. The city wound up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to litigate city code issues and may be in the process of losing millions. That’s why instituting a rotational system for the hearing examiner and including a citizen panel to code violations may be a very good idea. Is having a job as a Kenmore civil servant a guaranteed job for a lifetime? We must institute a citizen review panel.