Kenmore City Manager

Hi Rob:

Thank you. You have been very gracious in the past for having an open door policy for the Kenmore citizens. Having attended the three years of meetings with the Kenmore Village Committee conducted.  I have a fairly good idea of what the citizens said they are looking for as well as the evolved plan that seem to meet the needs of both the City and its citizens.

As a Real Estate Broker, I also know that multiple offers is a good thing! This is public property and not only the price but the future use will determine your and the City Councils selection of the successful buyer. It is incumbent upon you to orchestrate a process whereby the public is the beneficiary of both the most favorable price and future utility.

Having an open public process that made business sense (bids) and make use of local talent to List/ Market Kenmore City Properties has been the major stumbling block. One only needs to review past administrations faux paws in how it administered Kenmore Village location development. The down select process initially used by former City Manager Steve Anderson was ludicrous in not asking for a price along with the amenities to be provided by all the interested parties at the time. What occurred next was an absolute fiasco (Bad practice, told them so) where the city has lost millions of dollars.  Subsequent offers were accepted with no closing date and no earnest money. No property owner would ever contemplate a process we’ve seen the city of Kenmore use in the past.

Having made an investment in my property three blocks away from this development I am very interested that it be done soon and correctly.

I look forward to working with your representative and hopefully he will have good news to report on the qualifications of my local buyer.


Patrick E O’Brien